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Getting Up to Date

I’m painfully conscious that I’ve not posted for a while.

Don’t imagine for a minute I’ve been nowhere worth writing about. I’ve just been incredibly bad at remembering to take photos, distracted by the fun and games of Christmas and also been buying a house.

I shall compensate with a whistle-stop tour of some of the highlights.

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Sidewalks Bar & Diner, North Camp, Farnborough

This isn’t  a proper post. It’s a tiny one just to draw your attention to a new place I spotted in North Camp recently – the Sidewalks Bar & Diner (Lynchford Road).

So far we’ve only popped in for milkshake (H had a “hard shake” with rum in!) but we plan to return to try something from the menu some time (lots of different burgers and hot dogs).

It’s got a nice pub feel and a garden out back. If you get there before me, let me know how the food is!


Sunday Lunch At: The Anchor Inn, Lower Froyle

Sunday lunch is one of the meals I least like to cook. There are so many different elements that all have to be ready at the same time. I inevitably end up with overcooked something, undercooked something else, burnt something, squishy something and not enough gravy.

Thus even though Sunday lunch isn’t a particular favourite with me, I have come to enjoy the peaceful ease of letting someone else have all the stress of cooking.

Last weekend we headed deeper into Hampshire to the attractively-situated Anchor Inn. The main part of the pub has insanely low beamed ceilings; even my 5′ 5″ proved too tall to stand comfortably  under some sections. The dining area was a more regular height though, and was pleasingly decorated with mismatched chairs, wooden tables and an assortment of candlesticks.

sunday lunch

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