Thailand Food Exploration: Pla Krob

As much as I enjoy the occasional fish and chips, Thailand beats the battered, breaded and grilled delights of New Zealand or the UK hands-down (for me, at least) with its deep-fried fish.

crispy fish

As you can see from the photo, no coating is applied. The fish is prepared (often this first involves taking it from a tank and killing it, for the ultimate in freshness) then dropped into hot oil, the exposed flesh being seared a deep brown.

This crispy outer layer is divine. I love the roasted extremities of a joint, and the crunchy texture combined with the intensified carbonised flavour is paradise.

“But what of my soft tender fish?” you might say, a hint of accusation in your tone.

Don’t worry, because beneath that wondrous bronzed veneer the flesh is still as moist and lovely as ever.

I almost want to cry thinking how long it could be before I eat this again (yep, I’m back in the UK). Maybe I’ll try to persuade a local chippy to sully their oil with an uncoated fillet, or if that fails, the house may soon be pervaded with the lingering odour of fried fish as I give in to temptation and attempt it myself.

4 thoughts on “Thailand Food Exploration: Pla Krob”

    1. It does look like there are scales, but perhaps they were a few stragglers. I don’t know if I’d be able to distinguish a deep-fried fish scale from a crispy bit of fish skin or garlic!

  1. We can buy some grey mullet and have a go at re creating
    this dish for you, can’t make the weather warmer
    though I’m afraid !

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