Street Feast, Dalston Yard

I feel bad.

I have not written a post in two months, and I’ve barely written any this year.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to post about, nor that I don’t have the time. I just don’t seem to have gotten around to it.

My crapness aside, let’s talk about Street Feast.


In a brief post back in January, I talked about going to the Hawker House Street Feast. All this summer, the same peeps have been running two new Street Feast venues, and a few weekends ago H and I finally made it to one of them.

Just before 5pm we arrived outside what was essentially a partially dismantled warehouse off a side street in Dalston. After a quick wrist stamp, we strolled in and quickly tried to find the best place to station ourselves for the duration.

There were less cosy corners than in Hawker House, but we found some reasonably comfortable chairs facing out into part of the space and plonked ourselves down. Then began the great hunter/gatherer exchange, where one of us would scurry off and come back with some interesting drinks or a tasty tidbit, while the other surveyed the scene.

H was very good at taking snaps on his phone before we ate things, but I was atrocious at writing down what anything was or where it came from. Below are my best guesses, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

The photo above of ribs and this one below of pigs’ cheeks were soft, succulent meaty treats from the same stall – Nitro Lab. As the name implies, there was nitrogen involved somehow in the cooking process. Whatever they did, both dishes were amazing – the ribs especially.

pigs' cheeks

Crispy fried things were naturally going to be consumed, and we had some gems, including these Korean chicken wings from Busan BBQ.

fried chicken wings

We also had some crispy chicken in a steamed bun courtesy of Yum Bun. Steamed buns are so beautiful! There’s something about their shiny exteriors and even colouration I love!

steamed bun

We actually kicked things off with a return to Bob’s Lobster, this time for Lobster Mac and Cheese. I loved the crispy onions on top and the weirdly chewy American-style cheese, but the generous chunks of lobster were a bit bullied by said cheese, so the lobster rolls work better for me.

lobster mac and cheese

We tried to finish on a vaguely healthy note with some vampire vegetarian tacos from Killer Tomato. I don’t know if you can call deep fried avocado healthy exactly, but I’m going to rule yes. The beetroot taco had a good bite to it, but the aubergine and pineapple was not really my cup of tea.

vegetarian tacos

We snagged some sweet treats to take home on the train too, but they failed to get photographed.

I should also mention we drank quite a few delicious cocktails. There are 4 or 5 places selling drinks, including (when we went) a rum shack and a gin bar. No pics alas, but imagine vibrant fruity drinks laden with raspberry, watermelon, coconut and the like.

Street Feast’s current run lasts until the end of September, on Friday and Saturday nights. I REALLY want to go to the Lewisham one too, but with 3 weekends remaining and various obligations, it doesn’t look likely. I’m sure they have plans for something later in the year though. I HOPE!

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