Japanese Chocs

About six months ago, a friend of H’s returned from a visit to Japan, and one of the things he brought back was a very unusual selection of KitKats. Now, finally, I have got around to finishing the write-up!

I’m a regular old-fashioned KitKat fan. 4 slim sticks welded together, or sometimes a 2-finger version for a snack. Dark chocolate, chocolate orange, KitKat Chunky – neither these nor their brethren appeal.

However we have nothing like the flavours you can get in Japan. The ones I was lucky enough to try are just the tip of an exotic iceberg.

assorted chocolate

Let’s get the boring ones out of the way first. There was a teeny regular bar and a teeny dark chocolate bar. I should clarify that size-wise, all these bars are like a stumpy UK 2-finger bar.

I didn’t think the milk chocolate bar tasted as nice as the UK version, but it could be all in my mind. The wafer seemed softer, the chocolate less snappy. The dark chocolate was similarly unremarkable.

matcha green tea chocolate

Let’s move on to something more exciting – the matcha green tea bar. It is a very vivid green and has that distinctive green tea taste. I’m not actually a green tea fan though so it wasn’t for me.

Maybe something in pink?

strawberry chocolate

I have a secret fondness for “pink” chocolate, in particular a pink pig-shaped lollipop Thorntons used to make (not the one they do now). I had hoped this KitKat might hit the same tastebuds, but it was a little too sickly for me.

Custard, however, now custard is something I adore.

custard chocolate

This custard pudding style bar should have been my dream come true, surely, but again, quite sickly and not that different from regular white chocolate.

This leave us with the oddball outsider – wasabi.

wasabi chocolate

Such a pretty shade of green, but tastes how you would imagine, like white chocolate blended with a hint of wasabi. I won’t be too bothered if I don’t encounter this combo again.

So. Did any of these flavours amaze? Not from my perspective, but the bars are adorable and colourful.

Would I try other flavours? Sure. The dream combination could be out there somewhere, but until then, I’ll stick with milk chocolate ol’ faithful.

If you fancy trying some of these flavours, you can buy them online (a web search is your friend), but keep an eye on the price.


Disclaimer: Please note I am not in any way affiliated with any of the manufacturers of these products and this article reflects my personal opinion only.

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