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Japanese Chocs

About six months ago, a friend of H’s returned from a visit to Japan, and one of the things he brought back was a very unusual selection of KitKats. Now, finally, I have got around to finishing the write-up!

I’m a regular old-fashioned KitKat fan. 4 slim sticks welded together, or sometimes a 2-finger version for a snack. Dark chocolate, chocolate orange, KitKat Chunky – neither these nor their brethren appeal.

However we have nothing like the flavours you can get in Japan. The ones I was lucky enough to try are just the tip of an exotic iceberg.

assorted chocolate

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Food Analysis: Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter

Way back in May, I wrote an impassioned post about my two loves, chocolate and peanut butter. In it, I referred to the elusive Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter, which I had yet to come across.

Last week I was out for the night and my friend wanted to pop into the supermarket to pick up some headache pills. As we cruised past the confectionery, my gaze lit on an array of Kit Kat Chunkies, and there was the Peanut Butter variety.

I picked one up and my friend kindly agreed to cart it around for me the whole night as I had the world’s tiniest bag. I got it home the next day, and H took a picture of its slightly crushed and melted self before we tried it.

Chunky Peanut Butter

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New Zealand Food Exploration: Parallel Universe Chocolate Review

When it became known we were planning to visit New Zealand, various friends and acquaintances told us “it’s like England, 30 years ago”.

Images of space hoppers, Ford Cortinas, Ringo crisps and rotary-dial telephones coursed through my brain, so I was more than a little disappointed to find out it was entirely untrue. In fact the only sign to support this claim we saw in our entire trip was a young man sporting a mullet/rat-tail combination hairstyle.

Actually everyone was also extremely nice and friendly, and while I don’t want to do my countrymen down, it did add a certain old-fashioned charm to shopping or asking for assistance.

H and I eventually decided it was more like a parallel universe version of the UK. We drove on the same side of the road, the Queen featured on money, there were green fields dotted with sheep and cows, Victorian architecture here and there, excellent cheese, erratic weather…you get the idea.

However so many things were also different. The large clapboard bungalows, the rainforest, mountains and kiss-me-quick-free coastline, the emptiness, the risk of earthquakes, the love of participating in sport, and a plethora of Cadbury products which I had never seen before.

parallel universe chocolate

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