Nitro Ice-cream

Nitro ice-cream has been peeking its head up in the dessert world for a while now.

rose lokum ice-cream

It isn’t hugely common, but there are a few places that do it in London, including Chin Chin Labs and Four Winters.

The gimmick is that the ice-cream is frozen in front of you using liquid nitrogen. The intense speed of freezing makes super-small ice crystals, leading to a very smooth final product.

I can verify that this is indeed the case, and I am quite fond of the beautifully silky result, despite not being an ice-cream obsessive.

Last night I was heading to Kricket for a solo small plates blow-out (’twas yum), and walked past a Four Winters. I’d been to a branch in Kensington before, but this Soho one was new on me. They had a sign outside advertising Rose Lokum, and I knew then I had to have a pre-dinner dessert.

I loved the ice-cream, which had a good rose intensity. I also loved the chilled pieces of lokum (aka Turkish delight). I was more confused by what seemed to be pieces of rich tea biscuit. Their site states “This season, Rose has joined its two favorite pairings: Turkish delight and tea biscuits.” I never knew rose and tea biscuits was a thing. Maybe outside the UK? If anyone knows more, I’d love to hear about it!

On another note, I am super hype about Chin Chin Labs’s soon-to-arrive Soho outlet. Their Twitter has been teasing some of the planned treats, and my spoon is at the ready.

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