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Hanoi Street Food Tour, Hanoi

As much as I like trying to be brave, sometimes language can be a barrier to exploration.

Local knowledge seemed ideal, so I decided to find a guided food tour we could go on, eventually signing us up for a Hanoi Street Food Tour.

Because one of our number didn’t eat meat, I opted for a private tour. As there were 4 of us, it didn’t turn out that much more expensive ($100 vs $80).

We turned up at the office on time, and were introduced to our lovely guide, who had the nickname Miss Smile. She plunged off into the streets (on foot), and we started the tour.

foodtour 1

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Vietnam Food Exploration: Che Thap Cam

Waiting 3 months to write up a post when you haven’t taken any notes is not the greatest idea.

I’ve been lucky with Thai food as I have always had a local expert to turn to for info, especially names.

However when in Vietnam, I paid scant attention to the proper terms for dishes and have since spent some time scouring various online resources to identify food stuffs.

So this MAY be Che Thap Cam.

che thap cam

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