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Gagan Chulo, Aldershot

Quite a few interesting little food places have sprung up in my local area over the last year or two.

If I were a better blogger I would have written about all my visits, accompanying the posts with a selection of artful photos, but I didn’t, so you’re out of luck!

That said, H and I did go to a place back in March (coughs apologetically), Gagan Chulo, that I wanted to write about.

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Hanoi Street Food Tour, Hanoi

As much as I like trying to be brave, sometimes language can be a barrier to exploration.

Local knowledge seemed ideal, so I decided to find a guided food tour we could go on, eventually signing us up for a Hanoi Street Food Tour.

Because one of our number didn’t eat meat, I opted for a private tour. As there were 4 of us, it didn’t turn out that much more expensive ($100 vs $80).

We turned up at the office on time, and were introduced to our lovely guide, who had the nickname Miss Smile. She plunged off into the streets (on foot), and we started the tour.

foodtour 1

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Thailand Food Exploration: Khao Keab Pak Mor

One of the Thai few foods I wasn’t very taken with when I tried it a few years ago was khanom tua baep. The casing was bland and the bean filling even more so.

So when I saw pak mor being made in a similar fashion (white batter smoothed over muslin to steam, then filled), I was a little concerned.

pak mor

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Nanglo Cafe and Restaurant, Aldershot

Aldershot’s historic connection with Gurkha soldiers has led to a large Nepalese community settling in the local area.

There have always been the odd few restaurants here extolling the virtues of Nepalese cuisine, but the increasing audience has seen a rise in outlets and the growth of a more specialist approach.

The other night we visited Nanglo (46 Grosvenor Road, Aldershot). Its website had talked of a menu containing 30 dishes from Nepal, and I was interested to see what new things there might be to try.

Nanglo Thali

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Hong Kong Food Exploration: Wang Fu Beijing Dumplings

Dumplings. Is there anything they can’t do?

Well obviously, yes. But I love British suet dumplings (as you can probably tell from this post), fried Jamaican dumplings, Japanese gyoza and Jewish matza balls, to name but a few.

Chinese dumplings are another treat, and having read about Wang Fu (65 Wellington Street) in a few online posts, when we found ourselves hungry and in that very street, it made perfect sense to go there.


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