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There’s a New Cheese in Town

I’ve often thought that if I worked in food production in any way, making cheese would be the thing for me. That or baking cakes for a teashop where presentation was low on the list of priorities.

I’ve been to cheese festivals, seen umpteen programmes about how cheese is made, eaten I have no idea how many different cheeses, and even wasted a couple of hours messing around and making a song about it (I know…I’m not sure what came over me). However I’ve never actually made any.

I have recipes for soft cheeses kicking around, and keep meaning to try them, but until I do, I’m going to content myself by supporting the industry and eating yet more cheese.

That’s why I was thrilled to come across a new local cheesemaker earlier in the year: Barwheys Dairy.

barwheys smoked cheese

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Hong Kong Food Exploration: Sun Kee

While reading one of my favourite food blogger’s websites for tips on Penang, I came across a long post on a 2010 trip to Hong Kong.

One place mentioned that caught my eye was a café called Sun Kee (Shop 13-14, G/F, Champagne Court, 6-20 Kimberley Rd).

To be strictly honest, it was less the place than a particular dish, namely grilled pork neck and cheese noodles. My love of cheese made my attendance a must, and so one evening we pavement-tangoed our way to Kimberley Road and tracked down Champagne Court.

cheese noodles

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New Zealand Food Exploration: Cheese Rolls

If there was ever a time to take the Lord’s name in vain, it would be to express my love of cheese.

Mostly deprived of it in Thailand due to the high prices of imports, when we hit the shores of New Zealand I spent many a happy meal enjoying cheese in its various forms once more.

Before arriving on the South Island, some online research had indicated to me the existence of something called cheese rolls. This is not a bread bun with some cheese in it, but instead a rolled slice of bread containing cheese and allegedly onion or more, and then toasted. Admittedly that doesn’t sound hugely exciting, but mentions of powdered onion soup and evaporated milk as potential ingredients piqued my interest and I was determined to give it a try.

cheese roll

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