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Food in New York

So much to eat, so little time/stomach space. We had so much amazing food, but here are a few highlights.

Clinton Street Baking Company

I just have to see the word biscuit on an American menu and I get unreasonably excited. I’m not sure why I am quite so fond of these scone-like carb-fests, but there is something addictive about them.


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Thailand Food Exploration: Jok and Pa Thong Ko

After nearly 4 years, H and I finally made it back to Thailand, this time to spend Christmas with his dad and family in Chonburi.

It was my first Christmas outside the UK, but a tree and presents were waiting, and we had an amazing buffet brunch at Mantra. Plus I didn’t have to eat a single Brussels sprout! Win!

As usual, food was one of the core parts of the holiday for me. Although I’ve had quite a lot of food in Thailand over the years, there is still a lot to try. After some online research I thought a traditional Thai breakfast would be a good place to start, specifically Jok and Pa Thong Ko.


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Primrose Cafe, Bristol

I miss brunch. Farnborough, where I currently live, is not a brunch hotspot. There are plenty of places to get a fry-up, but for snooty gourmands like myself, there is a distinct lack of free-range meaty goodness, artisan bread products and things smothered in Hollandaise. (Yes, I am as pretentious as I sound…)

We went out for brunch on a Sunday morning in Bristol, and after our first destination turned out to be closed, our friend led us to the nearby Primrose Cafe (1 Clifton Arcade, Clifton, Bristol).

bacon and waffle

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Malaysia Food Exploration: Roti Bom/Boom

I don’t know how to say this, but I have been unfaithful. Mere days ago I professed my love for roti canai, but even as I made that declaration I was aware of the existence of other types of roti and what is worse, I have eaten some of them!

Not all on this trip though. This time I only cheated the once, and that was with the explosive-sounding roti bom (pronounced and also alternatively-spelled “boom”).

roti bom

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Malaysia Food Exploration: Roti Canai

In all conversations about what we should eat when in Malaysia, the top of our must-haves list was roti canai (pronounced “rote-ee chan-i”).

I touched on this delectable bread a while ago in a post on the rotee stalls that lurk seductively around Thailand’s streets. Roti canai can be found on similar stalls, but is exceedingly common in the many Indian restaurants that inhabit the Malaysian food scene.

H spent some of his formative years in Malaysia, and fondly remembers breakfast roti with fish curry as a Sunday treat. Served with a frothy mug of teh tarik (tea sweetened with condensed milk and poured at a distance from cup to cup to aerate it), he reckons it is one of the finest ways to start the day.

roti canai and teh tarik

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